Lewis Hamilton on the new contract with Mercedes: I can't tell you what's missing

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Lewis Hamilton on the new contract with Mercedes: I can't tell you what's missing
Lewis Hamilton on the new contract with Mercedes: I can't tell you what's missing © Lars Barson/Getty Images Sport

Every day there is more and more talk about Lewis Hamilton's new contract, as well as the fact that things are still not over. Although Hamilton and Wolff have stressed many times that an agreement could be reached soon, nothing is happening yet.

However, during the F1 Dutch Grand Prix, Hamilton decided to speak openly about his new contract. The Brit emphasized that the job could be completed soon. Obviously, there are some details they still have to work on. “I’m staying where I am,” he said, as quoted by crash.net “It just takes time.

We just had this break, as well. In this break, no-one has been thinking about it. Hopefully it will be done soon”. One of the reporters was interested in where the problem arose, and asked Hamilton; “What is missing?” Lewis Hamilton answered him; “I can’t tell you.

There’s always something missing”.

David Croft shares his opinion

David Croft, British television broadcaster for Sky Sports, had only words of praise for Hamilton and his phenomenal career. Croft is sure that Mercedes and Hamilton will soon sort things out and sign a new contract.

“Hamilton could retire now and live comfortably for the rest of his life, knowing he would leave this sport as one of the greatest drivers, if not the greatest driver, that we’ve ever seen. If he’s talking about staying at Mercedes, I think the belief is there." Given how long he's been at Mercedes, it's hard to imagine Hamilton anywhere else.

There he achieved the greatest success and became one of the biggest names in the F1 scene. Croft believes that the trust between him and Mercedes really exists. “I don’t think the trust has ever disappeared, I don’t think the belief has ever disappeared, between Lewis and the team.

Why would it, given what they’ve given him since 2013? Things aren’t signed but there’s no discord, no problem that’s stopping him signing."

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