Lewis Hamilton attacks Red Bull: "The Budget Cap favors them, wrong rules"


Lewis Hamilton attacks Red Bull: "The Budget Cap favors them, wrong rules"
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Lewis Hamilton returned to talk about the Budget Cap during an interview with M4 Sport. The British Mercedes driver underlined how the current rules favor Red Bull: "It's only fair that whoever has done the best work wins, as it has been for us in the past.

However, as a sport, we need to improve the rules so as not to deprive the fans of the fight on the track, given the expected final result that is being achieved. However, it is not an easy thing, also because the Budget Cap favors Red Bull." The Budget Cap consists of a sort of maximum spending cap, which is specifically set at the figure of 135 million dollars that each team can spend during the year.

In the event of exceeding the budget cap, the team would face penalties to be served in the following season. But that's not all, since each team cannot independently decide how to allocate resources, in fact the budget must be divided into the various spheres of work according to certain percentages, in this sense, with 35% dedicated to the cost of work, 20% dedicated to development and 45% to production expenses.

What many ignore, however, is that not all team expenses are subject to budget cap constraints: many expenses, for example, remain outside them.

David Coulthard on Hamilton's contract renewal with Mercedes

David Coulthard recently expressed his opinion on the new million dollar contract that Hamilton should sign with Mercedes, saying: "I'm not aware that Lewis has changed his mind on whether or not he wants to continue racing and I also don't think Mercedes are having any last minute concerns.

However I do think Mercedes want to have a set time from Lewis for their partners. Mercedes will have obtained sponsorships by guaranteeing the availability of their drivers. I think some companies signed with the silver arrows because Lewis was there, not George Russel.

Maybe Lewis would like to be busy fewer days or have fewer assignments with sponsors. What Lewis signs will go beyond just driving on the track at the GPs. It's about what rights he will keep to his image and what rights he will sell to the team. Mercedes are buying more than Lewis' driving ability, they are buying his promotional image."

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