Hamilton denies being a hypocrite: Even when I was dominating, I wanted competition


Hamilton denies being a hypocrite: Even when I was dominating, I wanted competition
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Lewis Hamilton has stressed many times that the FIA should make changes to stop Red Bull's dominance at the moment. Nevertheless, the fans are angry about such statements from the British and consider it hypocritical to say such things for Red Bull.

Mercedes had their dominance for a long time, and it seems that Hamilton did not have the same opinion then. However, in a recent interview, the Briton denied such a thing. “It is their fault they’re dominating as they’ve done a better job than everybody.

I think just from my own experience,” he said, as quoted by crash.net! “We hear about fans ‘well you had a dominating car too and now you complain’ but it’s not like that. For us, we all want, even when we were at the front, you want the best competition always and you want it to be close.

That’s what we’ve grown up dreaming up and what we go to race for to have competition. I never went to a race as a kid and wanted to be multiple seconds ahead of everybody every single time but when you get a head start and have that buffer it seems easier with the way things are in our sport and the development”.

Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton believes that Red Bull has the right to enjoy their era of immense dominance. However, he also emphasized that F1 fans love a competition in which several teams will fight for the very top.

At the moment, things don't seem that way. “Everyone progresses a similar amount in the year so it’s hard to close a gap. It’s even harder now with the cost cap. We’ve said the era of Michael, the era of Red Bull, era with McLaren and with Mercedes, and now with Red Bull again, and I think it’s great for Red Bull." Mercedes will do their best to try to match Red Bull at this moment.

“They should bask in the glory and continue to enjoy it. We will work as hard as we can to stop that dominance at some stage but it could be that with the era that’s how it will be - this will be their era as it has been in the past.

We as a sport need to work better in terms of how the rules are set so that the fans aren’t deprived of those tight, close battles between several teams for a whole era”.