Sebastian Vettel to retire?

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Sebastian Vettel to retire?

The Formula 1 season finally started about ten days ago and will continue next weekend in Hungaroring according to the forced calendar and, of course, the forced rules during the pandemic. All this is not the biggest concern for Sebastian Vettel since the four-time champion of the fastest circus does not know what to do next after the breakup with Ferrari, which will take place at the end of this competition year.

"What's been happening in these past few months has led many of us to reflect on what are our real priorities in life. One needs to use one's imagination and to adopt a new approach to a situation that has changed.

I will take the time I need to reflect on what really matters when it comes to my future,” Vettel said, as quoted by "I have already achieved a lot in Formula 1, and now my goal is to continue and achieve more," Vettel was a bit mystical in an interview for the national TV of Austria.

The giant from Maranello decided to rely on the already clearly excellent Monegasque Charles Leclerc and not to offer him the continuation of the cooperation started in 2015. Then he arrived in Germany with an Italian team crowned with laurels from Red Bull.

He never managed to repeat the fame he gained with the Austrians, although he was close on two occasions. His slightly worse form, and Luis Hamilton, who is getting better, as well as the unattainable Mercedes, influenced this parting of Vettel and Ferrari.

Vettel about money

He now has to decide what to do next and whether it might be time to retire, since he is still 33 years old, and he may not want to take risks like at the beginning of his career. And every Formula 1 race is equally dangerous.

"If I was worried about money, I would have already found a team for next season. It's clear that I've achieved a lot in the past, but it's also clear to me that I've been lucky in many ways." The German received a salary of around 40,000,000 euros in Ferrari, and with significant sponsorships, he became one of the richest athletes on the planet.

That's why he might not want to compete just like that. "Money has never been important to me, and that hasn't changed. I just need to find an option that would suit me. And if I don't find it, honestly, maybe it's time to retire," the Ferrari driver concluded.