Toto Wolff on goals for the rest of the season


Toto Wolff on goals for the rest of the season

Toto Wolff and Mercedes have great plans for the future. It is incredible how much passion Wolff and the rest of the team fight and want to help Mercedes get back to where they belong. Speaking to the media after the break, Wolff emphasized that they enter the second part of the season with even more desire.

Mercedes wants to return to winning ways. They are aware of how difficult a task it will be next to Red Bull, but not impossible. “It's good to get back to work,” he said, as quoted by! “The summer break is important for everyone to take some well-deserved time off, but we're racers and we love the thrill of competition.

We return recharged and ready for the second half of the season. There is plenty to fight for and we won't be letting up. We will push hard in the battle for second in the constructors' championship. We will also be driving development forward for 2024.

Those are challenges we are excited for, starting this weekend."

Zandvoort and Wolff's expectations

Zandvoort will be the next challenge for his team. Although they looked very bad at the beginning of the season, Mercedes improved in the next few races.

Their goal is to continue with the same progress and to succeed in their intentions. Wolff is excited about the race in Holland which could show a lot. He is looking forward to meeting the euphoric Dutch fans. “Zandvoort is a fantastic place to resume the season.

It's a challenging track with an old-school feel; banked corners and high-speed sections undulating through the dunes. There's always an incredible atmosphere with the passionate Dutch fans and it's always a fantastic celebration of our sport.

I'm sure this year will be no different and I'm excited to get there”. Red Bull is still the dominant force in the world of F1 and they look unstoppable at the moment. The question is who can match them at this moment. It will be very difficult for others to 'catch' Red Bull.

Toto Wolff