Fernando Alonso shocked many with his new goal!


Fernando Alonso shocked many with his new goal!
Fernando Alonso shocked many with his new goal!

In an interview with the media, Fernando Alonso talked about the current season, his ambitions for the next period, as well as some moments from his past life. The Spaniard is a man who left a huge mark on the F1 scene and is still doing the same.

Many wonder if the Spaniard can win a third F1 title. Speaking to the High-Performance Podcast, Alonso emphasized that he would like to win another title. “I would love to win the championship once again but it’s not the highest priority,” he told the High Performance Podcast, as quoted by crash.net “I am enjoying the process, especially now with Aston Martin, to become a contender for the future.

I’m loving the time with the team how we are all growing up in many different areas."

Fernando Alonso on his priorities

Judging by his statements, Dakar is his priority and he has a huge desire to win there. If he does win a third title, it will truly be a feat that many will talk about.

Time will best show how realistic it is. “I am 99% sure I will try the Dakar again, and it’s not that the third world title is less of a priority – it is a priority – but winning Dakar one day is a high priority for me as well." As always, Alonso set the highest goals for himself.

No wonder why he became so big. His current goal may be unrealistic for many, but not for Alonso. Despite his age, many believe that the Spaniard really has a chance to succeed in his intentions. “I will maybe have to attempt that race eight, ten years until maybe one day I get lucky and fight for the win.

But if I win in F1, endurance racing and Dakar, that will feel for me something special as a driver and as a person. So those kind of challenges are in my head at the moment”.

Fernando Alonso