Max Verstappen on Red Bull's potential 'fall': I would rather stay at home

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Max Verstappen on Red Bull's potential 'fall': I would rather stay at home
Max Verstappen on Red Bull's potential 'fall': I would rather stay at home

In an interview with De Telegraaf, Max Verstappen talked about Red Bull and the possibility of experiencing a huge fall after the rule change from 2026. The Dutchman emphasized that there are small chances for that. However, if it happens, he would rather sit at home than be in the middle of the table.

“Then it must be very bad and dramatic, I think,” he said, as quoted by "I also don’t expect a team to fall back that far, with all those good people walking around with us. It can always be the case in this sport that you are not doing well as a team.

Then it’s about what the outlook is and what the perspective is. But indeed, I don’t see myself touring around in [the] midfield for three years. Then I would rather stay at home or do something else. But again: I don’t see that happening”.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull

Max Verstappen is happy with his adventure at Red Bull. It's amazing how much they improve year on year, and this year they've had a complete ascent and look unstoppable at the moment. Their ambitions remain the same; To continue like this and try to break records in F1.

It will be difficult, but not impossible. “Not that. But I did think: will it still work here? But we always got back together in the end,” he added. “A lot has happened within the team over the years. Just look at the switch of engine supplier, from Renault to Honda, and the way in which it is now working on its own engine." No one doubts that Red Bull will continue to show its full strength.

The future could look interesting for them. “There was always something to look forward to. That was the deciding factor to extend my contract”.

Max Verstappen Red Bull

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