Toto Wolff names his replacement as Mercedes Team principal & CEO


Toto Wolff names his replacement as Mercedes Team principal & CEO

According to Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team is looking to replace Wolff if he can't make it to the grand prix this year. Former French Formula 1 driver Jérome D'Ambrosio, who joined Mercedes in March, will take his place.

Wolff obviously has enormous confidence in him and believes that he is the right man for such positions. “When I am absent on a race weekend, Jérome will replace me,” -Wolff told Auto Hebdo, as quoted by “It is true that in 11 years it has only happened three times, but it is a situation that we have to anticipate.

Now, he has to gain credibility within the team and in the paddock, he still has time, but in case I can’t be there, he will be in my place”.

Toto Wolff on Jerome D'Ambrosio

Wolff also referred to the earlier engagements of Jerome, who showed that he is a great man for important jobs.

It is no wonder why there is so much trust in him. “Jérôme did a very good job last year with his role at Venturi. A small structure, which obviously has nothing to do with ours, which still has 2,500 people.

However, he is involved and I must even say that half of his interventions during the grands prix are sensible." It will take some time for Jerome to really show that he is the right man for it. However, judging by everything, there are great chances that he will do great in his new position.

“I assure you that this is already a remarkable score, James Allison often told me that I said 50 percent intelligent things, and 50 percent nonsense. More seriously, you have to give him time, but I have the impression that he has the right profile to take on this role”.

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