Helmut Marko warns Daniel Ricciardo that Red Bull has alternatives

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Helmut Marko warns Daniel Ricciardo that Red Bull has alternatives
Helmut Marko warns Daniel Ricciardo that Red Bull has alternatives

In an interview with the media, Helmut Marko commented on Daniel Ricciardo's status for the next season as well as 2025. Namely, Ricciardo is now part of AlphaTauri, after De Vries did not show what was expected of him. Marko emphasized that Ricciardo has a good chance for a Red Bull seat.

However, it is now up to him to prove himself in AlphaTauri and show that he really deserves a place in the team. "Of course you have to know from Daniel Ricciardo what his... we know his goals, but how to achieve them, whether he is ready to complete a full year next year at AlphaTauri with full commitment," -Helmut Marko told Motorsport-Magazin, as quoted by crash.net "The change has had a very positive effect, in terms of mood and motivation in the AlphaTauri team.

While De Vries' deficit averaged three to five tenths, if you clean it all up, Ricciardo is significantly smaller, if not on par with Yuki Tsunoda. We still have nine races left, in these nine races we will see how this develops.

Tsunoda delivered a very good race at Spa, maybe in the middle sector when it rained lightly, he was a bit too cautious, maybe even a better position would have been possible. Daniel wasn't far from points in the sprint.

This direction fits”.

Marko on Red Bull alternatives

Daniel Ricciardo may be particularly worried by Marko's statements that Red Bull has certain alternatives. Such statements should motivate him to say that he is currently the best of all the options that Red Bull has.

We are all well aware of Ricciardo's qualities, but he has to show it this time. "We have alternatives,” Marko said. “For example [Liam] Lawson, who is second in Japan and is very successful there and has made a big leap forward in his whole development since he has been racing in Japan”.

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