Sebastian Vettel confirms his interest in returning to F1!

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Sebastian Vettel confirms his interest in returning to F1!
Sebastian Vettel confirms his interest in returning to F1!

Sebastian Vettel and his return to F1 is a topic that is often mentioned. It seems that this is not without reason. The German left a big mark on the F1 scene. Many were surprised by his departure from the world of Formula. During a recent conversation with The Red Bulletin, Vettel commented on whether there are any chances for his return.

Namely, Sebastian is still interested in returning. Such an option is in the game. “I'm still very interested in F1,” Vettel told The Red Bulletin as quoted by The fact that Aston Martin is good this season makes him happy, although at certain moments he probably feels a touch of anger because he didn't have the same car at his disposal.

This does not change the fact that he is happy about Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin's results. The Spaniard, despite his age, shows that he is one of the best. “It was a bit strange at the first race but now I enjoy watching it.

I know the sport inside out, I still love it. Maybe I see certain things differently, but I'm not sad when I look at my former colleagues, not at all. People's initial reaction was 'That Aston Martin is fast this season must do something to you, right?'"

Sebastian Vettel on Alonso and Red Bull

In addition, Vettel used to be part of the Red Bull team.

He is also proud of his former team, which is really dominating this season. “Ok, maybe it would be easier if the car totally sucked so I wouldn't have missed anything, but I'm mostly happy for the team and I'm happy for Fernando Alonso.

For years he didn't have a car in which he could show his qualities. Now he can and he's immediately at the front.
Red Bull dominates and I still have a lot of friends there. I am very happy when they win”.

Sebastian Vettel

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