Felipe Massa gives predictions for how long Max Verstappen's dominance will last

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Felipe Massa gives predictions for how long Max Verstappen's dominance will last
Felipe Massa gives predictions for how long Max Verstappen's dominance will last

Max Verstappen is the dominant force in the F1 scene and the man who will probably win another title at the end of the season. It is really impressive how easily Verstappen drives, and how far he is from his competition. Many wonder how long his dominance will last, given that this could last for a long time.

The legendary F1 driver, Felipe Massa, talked about exactly that in an interview; His dominance and potential end. Felipe gave interesting predictions. “I think that until 2026, when we will have the change of regulations, Verstappen wins everything,” Massa told Marca, as quoted by planetf1.com “I think we will have equal regulations and Verstappen is superior, Red Bull is superior.

So until 2026, we can expect Verstappen to win all the titles”.

FIA Rules

Many believe that the FIA will change the rules before 2026. Considering the history of this competition and what we have had the opportunity to see, there is a good chance that the FIA will really make certain moves that will stop the dominance of one driver.

In that case, it would be interesting to see who would come to the surface. Former Le Mans class winner David Kennedy emphasized in an interview with Planet F1 that the FIA could very easily do such things. “History has proven that [the FIA] have done that,” Kennedy said.

“They’ve done that before, and they’ve done it, ostensibly, when Michael Schumacher was dominating. [The FIA] came up with a whole variety of changes, particularly in qualifying – what you could use in qualifying, what you could use in the race, they did everything to try and balance the books and stop this runaway dominance.

It has a detrimental effect on the sport, absolutely”. A large number of F1 fans are not satisfied with the current situation and the dominance of one driver, but it must be admitted that Max really deserves to be in the leading position. There is no doubt about that.

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