Italian journalist Leo Turrini: Max Verstappen was a bully

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Italian journalist Leo Turrini: Max Verstappen was a bully
Italian journalist Leo Turrini: Max Verstappen was a bully

Max Verstappen is currently the first name of the F1 scene and the man who is really working miracles this season. The Dutchman is on his way to his third consecutive title, and many are wondering how many more he will have in his collection.

Even as a child, he had enormous talent, which was noticed by important people in Formula 1. He made his debut on the big stage for Toro Rosso at 17 years old. In May 2016, he got a chance at Red Bull. Max was patient, he waited for his moment, and in the end, he got it.

Sometimes, in order to achieve success, it is necessary to have a dose of "cheekiness". This is exactly what Italian journalist Turrini stressed. Turrini talked about Verstappen's career in his blog. He suggested that Max was a bully at the beginning of his career.

“Verstappen has matured over the years. He’s always had incredible talent, but he was a bully to begin with. Now, he’s almost perfect,” he said on his blog, as quoted by “Verstappen is an absolute phenomenon.

To deny it is foolish. Everyone can have the ideas he wants about the character, but if one argues Max as a driver, well, he’s an expert. Verstappen is definitely stronger than [Sergio] Perez – as well as almost all of his competitors in the present”.

Turrini and his comparison

Turrini gave a comparison that made many laugh. Namely, he made a comparison between Max and Perez in an interesting way. “Verstappen is to Perez what Messi is to the former Juventus player Paredes,” he said.

An Italian journalist compared Verstappen and Leclerc, two great drivers. “Verstappen is stronger than Leclerc because when he had a car from him he won the world championship. Leclerc has never had it, no one can say, for example, how it would hold up to the horrendous pressure of 2021”.

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