Leclerc Reveals Ferrari Altered 2023 Goals After First Season Race

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Leclerc Reveals Ferrari Altered 2023 Goals After First Season Race
Leclerc Reveals Ferrari Altered 2023 Goals After First Season Race

Charles Leclerc, a name renowned in the F1 circuits, candidly opened up about Ferrari's 2023 performance expectations. With Ferrari on a quest to redeem itself on the racetrack, both team dynamics and expectations have been put under the spotlight.

Hopes and Realities: The Scuderia's Mid-Year Review

Though the team began the year with hopes of dominating the Grand Prix circuit, the first race was a sobering reminder of the intense competition that lay ahead. As Leclerc confessed, "Before the first race, the target was to do a step better compared to last year, which was to win the world championship." However, the first half of the year didn't see Ferrari close to their coveted goal.

The upside? An awe-inspiring response from the team. Leclerc praised the Maranello crew's dedication, highlighting that they brought upgrades ahead of schedule. Such efforts resulted in significant achievements on the track. And yet, the year hasn't been without its curveballs.

Leclerc's revelation that they expected more competitiveness in Budapest than Spa, only to experience the opposite, hints at potential missed opportunities. "So, these are things that we need to look at because maybe we haven’t optimised the package in races like Budapest," said Leclerc.

Ferrari's Strategy Moving Forward

Team boss Fred Vasseur, echoing the same sentiment, pointed to the unpredictability of the sport. With an evident hint of humor, he stated his immediate plans, “First, I will be focused on the vacation”.

On a more serious note, he emphasized the importance of meticulous attention to details, as mere tenths of lap time can radically change race outcomes. Citing McLaren's contrasting performances, Vasseur highlighted the necessity of continuous car development.

As the team looks forward to the second half of the year, the focus remains on understanding and optimizing their race package. The summer break will provide the much-needed pause for reflection and analysis, ensuring they can maximize their package for the subsequent races.

In wrapping up, both Leclerc and Vasseur acknowledged the lessons of the past, while expressing cautious optimism for the future.

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