Felipe Massa believes that Verstapen will be the best Formula 1 driver in a few years

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Felipe Massa believes that Verstapen will be the best Formula 1 driver in a few years

Former driver of Sauber, Ferrari and Williams, Brazilian Felipe Massa, is convinced that Max Verstappen will sooner or later be the world champion in Formula 1, and that he only needs a real car for that. In the final seasons of his career, driving for Williams, Massa was able to see the qualities of Max Verstappen on the F1 tracks.

The Dutchman made his debut in 2015 with Toro Rosso, and already in 2016 he arrived at Red Bull and celebrated in his first race in Barcelona. To date, Verstappen has amassed 9 Formula One victories and 40 podium finishes, but Mercedes and Hamilton’s dominance is the reason why races more often end up in second or third place.

Massa believes that Max will win the title of champion as soon as he gets his hands on a car that is capable of something like that.

Verstappen: Biggest talent

“Max is definitely a great talent. He will be a world champion in the future, I have absolutely no doubts about that.

Unfortunately for him, he did not yet have a car with which to win the championship. At the moment, he may even be beyond the capabilities of his car, but he needs a few tenths more to be able to win the championship. ” "I hope it will happen soon, because of all the fans around the world.

I would be happy for him to start winning quickly because he is one of the greatest talents in Formula 1 ", said the Brazilian in an interview for Ziggo Sport. Through his first season in Formula 1, Verstappen also came into disrepute, as a driver prone to mistakes and collisions.

He knew how to exaggerate, but Massa defended him and said that this was normal for young drivers and that he was now mature. "We have to be honest. At first, Max was very fast, he drove great, but he also made mistakes.

Because of these mistakes he lost some opportunities, but that is normal for a young driver. However, now we no longer see his mistakes and I think that is the most positive thing. He has talent, but now he is constant. He is ready for the title and he just needs a car.

” Apparently, the Dutchman will have to settle for third place in the overall standings this year, as he is 35 points behind Bottas four races before the end. He was offered a chance to go one step higher and a silver medal, but that flat tire and giving up last weekend in Imola took away many valuable points.