New spicy details on Lewis Hamilton and Shakira' secret meetings!

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New spicy details on Lewis Hamilton and Shakira' secret meetings!
New spicy details on Lewis Hamilton and Shakira' secret meetings!

As reported by a source to the Spanish television channel Telecinco, secret meetings between Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Colombian pop star Shakira have intensified. Telecinco said that the secret meetings between the two would have taken place in Shakira's villa on Isla, in the Balearic archipelago.

It would be three meetings on a week of stay of the pop star in the Balearic Islands, where Hamilton is also spending his holidays on a yacht with friends. The insider told Telecinco: "Shakira has only left her house twice, once to see Bizarrap and once to have dinner with Hamilton." It is also reported by the magazine that Hamilton's driver and would have witnessed the constant conversations between the two.

Months have passed since the first rumors about Shakira and Lewis Hamilton, but no intimate photos of the two have come out yet, only shots in the company of friends. But in Spain they are sure that Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are more than friends.

Hamilton and Shakira

The site, said that the two met on a Balearic island between Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera, in recent days.Site insiders said: "Hamilton drove to the mansion three times in the night to meet her.

He was seen entering his home. One of Hamilton's drivers hears him talking to Shakira regularly during his trips." The paparazzo Jordi Martin also expressed himself on the matter, who confirmed a certain closeness between the two through his Youtube channel.In recent weeks, there have been several occasions in which the pilot and the singer have been paparazzi together, such as after the Miami GP but also following the recent Silvestone GP in mid-July, during a party.Hamilton and Shakira have never been captured in intimate attitudes, but what is circulating in Argentina tells a very different situation, given that the latest rumors tell of top secret meetings, far from prying eyes on an Iberian island.

Hamilton, the British driver of Marcedes and 7 times world champion would be single, while Shakira has separated from soccer player Gerard Piqué at the end of an extremely troubled relationship.

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