Webber: Only Tech Issues May Prevent Verstappen's Record Break

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Webber: Only Tech Issues May Prevent Verstappen's Record Break
Webber: Only Tech Issues May Prevent Verstappen's Record Break

The F1 circuits have been witnessing a masterclass this season, with Max Verstappen effortlessly marking his territory. Though many are bewildered by the sheer dominance of the Dutch driver, Mark Webber, a former Red Bull racer, believes the time is right to appreciate the remarkable efforts of his erstwhile team.

A Season to Remember

Verstappen recently secured his 10th victory at the Belgian Grand Prix, catapulting Red Bull to an unbeaten streak in 12 consecutive races in 2023. Reflecting on this record, Webber noted the staggering work that goes into achieving such levels of unparalleled success.

He told Formula1.com, “I think it’s really hard for people to understand this level of domination, how much work and effort goes into it”. The last time F1 fans witnessed a run this impressive was back in 1988 with McLaren.

“To get that level of advantage with the depth of competition in F1… There are so many opportunities to make mistakes, whether it’s pit stops, reliability, presentation of the car, driver errors, but it’s just been a run for the ages,” Webber continued.

It's a sentiment that sheds light on the relentless dedication and precision of the entire Red Bull team.

A Record in the Making?

When probed about the potential for Verstappen to break Vettel’s victory record, Webber felt that only reliability issues could pose a challenge.

The world is keenly anticipating Verstappen's performance in his home race at Zandvoort, which could bring him a step closer to this monumental achievement. Webber said, “I think the world would like to see him win his home race [at Zandvoort].

To do the business there would be extraordinary. He should win that one and then he’s equal”.

Verstappen's Mastery on Track

Reflecting on Verstappen’s current form, Webber draws an apt comparison: “He’s the one out there executing, he’s dancing when the curtains go back, and he goes out on stage and does it”.

For Verstappen's competitors, it’s a daunting task to match up to his expertise. Now with a wealth of experience under his belt, Verstappen remains the name on everyone’s lips. The break might offer a respite to others, but as Webber speculates, a rejuvenated Verstappen without any looming pressure might return even more formidable than before.

In the end, whether it's the behind-the-scenes work of the Red Bull team or Verstappen’s prowess on the track, the 2023 F1 season will surely be one for the history books.

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