Carlos Sainz: A Formula for Fitness, Food, and Fast Tracks

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Carlos Sainz: A Formula for Fitness, Food, and Fast Tracks
Carlos Sainz: A Formula for Fitness, Food, and Fast Tracks

The world of F1 racing is one of relentless speed, roaring engines, and razor-sharp reflexes. Behind the wheels of these lightning-fast machines, F1 drivers exemplify peak athleticism and dedication, marrying their passion for the race with the strictest regimes of diet and exercise.

But even amongst these elite, there is always room for indulgence, and no one embodies this balance better than Ferrari's Carlos Sainz.

Between Delicacies and Discipline

"The fusion of flavours, the thrill of a race – they're not so different," Sainz said, the aroma of Spanish tortilla wafting in the air. “Every time I attend events like these, they cater to my loves.

From Spanish dishes, nothing comes close to a good tortilla or delightful croquetas, and perhaps even octopus. Yet, when the discipline wavers, it's a hamburger that beckons”. Spain's culinary tapestry is close to Sainz's heart, a comforting reminder of home during the global tours.

Yet, the tastes of Italy and Japan have also ensnared his palette. “It’s an ongoing joke," he chuckles, "I tell my engineers that I might weigh half a kilo or even a kilo more during our stops in Spain, Italy, and Japan”.

The F1 calendar is punctuated with rigor – specific diets from Thursday ensuring optimal performance. But the flavors of the host cities aren't lost on these athletes. “Sunday nights are reserved for good dinners or maybe even Wednesdays before the race.

It’s a chance to immerse in the city's gastronomic culture”.

Unwavering Fitness in the Face of Feasts

While indulgences are welcomed, the underlying thread of fitness in Sainz’s life remains unwavering.

The weight targets in F1 are strict, ensuring drivers remain agile and at peak performance. Yet, Sainz has never found it challenging to maintain his weight, even with the occasional culinary detours. “I’m blessed,” he said, “No matter what I eat, I never tip over 73 kilos.

The intensive training helps, and perhaps, my body constitution. Age might change this, but for now, it's an advantage”. Sainz's discipline isn't just about the scale. It's a holistic approach, from calorie counts to protein intake.

"Passion for fitness makes you conscious of these nuances. But a genuine love for food ensures that I relish it, fostering a healthy relationship with both the track and the table." In the world of F1, the balance between discipline and indulgence is crucial. And as Sainz proves, it's possible to savor life's pleasures while racing towards one's goals.

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