Lewis Hamilton optimist: We've been making big steps

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Lewis Hamilton optimist: We've been making big steps
Lewis Hamilton optimist: We've been making big steps

Mercedes is not able to compete with Red Bull this season, and the team with Verstappen and Perez is far from Mercedes at the moment. Although they tried many times to find a solution to the problems, it seems that they were not successful in doing so.

Lewis Hamilton does not want to show pessimism. During every interview, this great driver emphasizes that he is satisfied with the progress of his team. After the Monaco GP, things seemed to move in a better direction. "I've been incredibly proud of everybody.

Everyone has been working insanely hard,” -Lewis Hamilton said, as quoted by crash.net "We've been making big steps. I think the biggest step we took was when we got to Monaco and the car has really progressed a lot since then.

We have a better understanding of where to position the car. It's been a lot more consistent - podiums, top-five finishes - which has been great. And, generally, we've been getting solid, great reliability. So, there's lots and lots of good bits”.

Lewis Hamilton: I think there will be movement

There is a possibility that Hamilton and his team might be able to achieve even better things in the future. They are aware that it is difficult for them to achieve any great success this season.

Furthermore, Hamilton spoke about the progress that has been made by other teams this season who are ranked well. "I don't know how much developing people will be doing in the second part of the season, but I think there will be movement,"-Lewis Hamilton continued.

"I don't know what happened to Aston and how they've taken a step back. But I'm sure McLaren was really strong in the second phase. Ferrari were very close so dependent on track, I'm sure there'll be some movement in the positions. I hope that we can be a little better."

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