McLaren's Astonishing Revival: Verstappen and Perez Weigh In

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McLaren's Astonishing Revival: Verstappen and Perez Weigh In
McLaren's Astonishing Revival: Verstappen and Perez Weigh In

McLaren’s meteoric rise in the current F1 season from languishing in the rear to clinching podiums is causing a stir in the racing world. Max Verstappen, one of the biggest names in the sport, lauds their performance as "quite incredible," yet emphasizes that Lando Norris's stellar form isn't startling to him.

From Struggling to Surging: McLaren's Season Transformation

McLaren faced turbulent waters at the beginning of the season. Norris, one of their star drivers, wound up at the tail end of the competition during the opening races in Bahrain and Jeddah.

A gloomy picture painted for a team with such rich racing heritage. But as the clouds often part after a storm, so did McLaren's fortunes. The key? A major upgrade package introduced during the Austria and Silverstone legs. This strategic move played an instrumental role in the team’s turnaround, as evidenced by their bolstered results.

Reflecting on McLaren's remarkable progression, Verstappen commented post the Hungarian Grand Prix, “It's breathtaking to observe the leap McLaren made from their Bahrain performance to where they stand now. Lando, in particular, has showcased commendable prowess”.

He further added, “To me, Lando’s prowess isn't unexpected. It's heartening to observe how, with a proficient car, a driver can truly shine”. Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull, echoed these sentiments.

“The advancement McLaren achieved in the recent races, despite varied track layouts, is noteworthy,” Perez remarked. He continued with an optimistic prediction, “I genuinely anticipate witnessing Lando claiming more top positions.

Kudos to McLaren for their praiseworthy endeavors."

Verstappen on Perez's Season and Team Spirit

When the spotlight turned to Perez, asking Verstappen to evaluate his teammate's season's first half, the Dutchman exuded camaraderie and praise.

With Red Bull leading the charts, Verstappen stated, “As a unified team, securing victories in all the races so far feels fantastic. Holding the top two spots in the championship? Even better." But Verstappen also stressed the importance of growth and learning in the racing realm, saying, “Perfection is elusive.

What's vital is the continuous endeavor for excellence. There will be challenging times, errors will creep in. But the essence lies in evolving from those, becoming a more adept driver, and pushing forward. Some factors remain beyond one's grasp, and that's the unpredictable allure of racing”.