Toto Wolff's interesting theory about Nyck de Vries as a 'sacrificial lamb'


Toto Wolff's interesting theory about Nyck de Vries as a 'sacrificial lamb'
Toto Wolff's interesting theory about Nyck de Vries as a 'sacrificial lamb'

Nyck de Vries did not stay long in AlphaTauri, as they decided to end the cooperation. A lot of people have been wondering if AlphaTauri made the wrong decision and if de Vries really possesses the skills necessary. As part of an interview with the media, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff commented on the termination of the cooperation between AlphaTauri and de Vries.

Wolff believes that it is difficult to predict what would have happened if de Vries had stayed. “Maybe he needed more time,” Wolff told Sky about De Vries, as quoted by “If he had been given the season, who knows? “Maybe he would have been a really good candidate for the Red Bull seat, too?"

Toto Wolff and his assumptions

Toto Wolff emphasizes that there is probably another side to the story.

The Red Bull team was interested in whether Ricciardo could show that he really has the quality necessary for their team. Going to AlphaTauri could be a prelude to what awaits Ricciardo. The question is, however, what will happen.

“They wanted, I think, to do some benchmarking with Ricciardo. To see if Daniel might be able to take [Sergio Perez’s] seat. Once you’ve made that decision, then of course [De Vries will] fall through the cracks.

I’m a fan of [De Vries] because he’s incredibly intelligent for vehicle development and has always contributed a lot”. In order to find happiness, Nyck de Vries will have to look elsewhere. Due to the fact that he ended his story too soon, there are many people who are disappointed.

It is also worth noting that a driver of his qualities has plenty of time to find his way and to take advantage of an opportunity in another team or another motorsport where he could excel. As time goes on, we will be able to determine whether Alpha Tauri made the right choice.

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