Mika Hakkinen reacts to fans' statements that Max Verstappen is bored

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Mika Hakkinen reacts to fans' statements that Max Verstappen is bored
Mika Hakkinen reacts to fans' statements that Max Verstappen is bored

Max Verstappen has been dominating the F1 scene for a few years now. Many wonder if the dominance of the Dutch will come to an end, and if anyone can stop Red Bull's great progress. Things have gone so far that many believe that Max Verstappen is getting bored on the track and that it is necessary for someone to stop him.

The legendary Mika Hakkinen just talked about it with RacingNews365, and emphasized that he is sure that Max is not bored. “When I was racing in Formula 1, when I was winning, and dominating in 1998 with my teammate, David Coulthard, I felt that year was fantastic”, he told RacingNews365, as quoted by crash.net “It was not boring, and I’m sure Max is experiencing the same thing.

He is not bored, he doesn’t think the races are boring. All the time he is raising his personal limits and his performance, which is great, but of course, when fans who are not fans of Max are looking, they think it is boring, but the fans of Max think it is the best thing”.

Mika Hakkinen on the Red Bull era: Is it going to last forever? No

Red Bull seems to be progressing more and more every year. Nobody can do anything to them this season. This causes various reactions, mostly disappointing ones from fans who want to watch more competitive F1.

Hakkinen, however, believes that every era must come to an end, including the era of Red Bull. The only question is when it will happen. "Max is a winner at the moment, Red Bull is a winner at the moment and this is motor racing Is it going to last forever? No, because that's how history repeats itself.

There will be changes coming. When? I don't know, but I can only say that the work they do and the success they get, they deserve that. Let them enjoy it."

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