Lews Hamilton praised Wolf and considers Wolf a great leader

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Lews Hamilton praised Wolf and considers Wolf a great leader

Lewis Hamilton has no doubt who is the best leader in Formula 1 and explained why Toto Wolff is key to the success of the Mercedes F1 team, which even after seven consecutive championships shows no signs of saturation with success.

Mercedes secured the constructors ’title four races before the end of the season, despite the season being shortened by five races from the initial plan before the coronavirus appeared, and Hamilton and Bottas are the only ones who can win the driving title.

Hamilton's seventh title is just a matter of formality likely to be resolved in Turkey, tying him with Michael Schumacher, whom he has already overtaken in terms of wins, pole positions and podiums. Wolff arrived in Mercedes in early 2013, just like Hamilton, and on the eve of early 2014 he became head of the team after Ross Brawn left them who did not like the vague division of responsibilities between him, Wolff and Lauda.

“He’s not trying to be at the center of every photo, he’s not trying to attribute anything to himself,” Hamilton told about Wolff. “He puts the team first. I think he is without a doubt the best leader in Formula 1.

No matter what anyone says, no one has done such a good job as him. ” “I think it’s because of his mentality, the balance between fervor, compassion, understanding and ego. All of this together makes for the best boss you can have.

Wolf and his leadership

"No individual on the team is below him and he really cares about how each of us is -‘ how are things going off the track? ’,‘ How is the family - can we do anything to make you even better in the office? ’”.

"He is a great man and I feel privileged to be our leader. We could not achieve what we are without his leadership. ” After winning his seventh consecutive title at Imola, Wolff sent engineer Leo Stevens to the podium, much to Hamilton’s surprise.

“I thought he was going to come to the podium so I was a little surprised,” Hamilton said. “We rarely see him on the front line, he came to give an interview so I thought he would come to the podium. While it would be nice if he came, this is another sign of a good leader.

” A good leader is essential for a good career of any athlete, including Formula 1 drivers. Wolf shows how to treat people and how important it is in today's sport, especially when the athlete feels that support.