Toto Wolff reacts to new rumors about Lewis Hamilton's contract

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Toto Wolff reacts to new rumors about Lewis Hamilton's contract
Toto Wolff reacts to new rumors about Lewis Hamilton's contract

Rumors about Lewis Hamilton's new contract have been going on for several months. Many are wondering why Mercedes still hasn't finished the negotiations and why they haven't reached an agreement. Obviously, there are some obstacles.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has responded to rumors that the main obstacle to a new contract is Hamilton wanting a Mercedes ambassadorial role. However, Wolff denied this. “No, we’re not talking about an ambassadorial role post his retirement, nor is that part of the contract negotiations,” Wolff said, as quoted by “He has many years to go as a driver within this team, and therefore, it’s only about cleaning things up in the contract.

I know it looks a little bit ‘Why is this not being done and dusted?’, but it’s simply down to trivial things that just need to be cleaned up in contracts, and we need to find the time”. Lewis Hamilton also emphasized a few months ago that he himself is not aware of when things could end.

“It might get announced at the end of the year, I don’t know. Keep(ing) you waiting. Honestly, I just don’t have any more information to share. It’s with the lawyers continuously, back and forth, small things”.

-Lewis Hamilton said.

Toto Wolff on Mercedes

Toto Wolff believes that the rumors about the departure of Hamilton to Ferrari are nonsense. Hamilton and Mercedes have a long history behind them. Many successes, many great moments, and titles are what Hamilton's adventure in Mercedes will forever be remembered for.

However, Mercedes is optimistic that the future will bring great things for Hamilton and Mercedes. “He’s been a Mercedes driver since the beginning, when he was eight, 10 years old, and then his years with McLaren within the Mercedes family, and now his 10 years in the Mercedes works team,” said Wolff.

He’s synonymous with Mercedes, and we’ve gone through so many ups and downs, so many situations that were difficult, on a human side, on a professional side, and so many more hugely positive moments. I think that just made us stick together, trust each other, whilst being able to have tough love, and the odd argument, and I think there is such a strong bond that makes him so loyal, and us, too”.

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