Christian Horner Reflects on an Extraordinary Season So Far

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Christian Horner Reflects on an Extraordinary Season So Far
Christian Horner Reflects on an Extraordinary Season So Far

In an extraordinary reflection on the first half of the 2023 racing season, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner discussed the unparalleled success his team has been experiencing. As they head into the summer break, Red Bull carries with it an unbeaten record - a testament to the efforts of the entire team, the driving skills of their star, Max Verstappen, and Horner's own strategic leadership.

Verstappen's Incredible Race and Red Bull's Phenomenal Success

In a mood of light-hearted introspection, Horner initially joked about Verstappen's move for the lead on Lap 17 during the latest race, commenting, “I’m surprised it took him so long, to be honest." Yet, he quickly shifted gears to sincere praise for Verstappen's performance.

"His pace in the first stint, passing the cars that he did, he did a great job to get up to P2, and then after the first stop his race really came alive on the medium tyre where he showed incredible speed," Horner elaborated.

Horner also mentioned Sergio "Checo" Perez, another member of the Red Bull team, who didn’t defend too hard because of the speed difference between him and Verstappen. He underlined that the success is not just about individual performance but about how the team manages the race.

“It’s phenomenal to go into the summer break unbeaten, in both Grands Prix and Sprints," he enthused, indicating that Red Bull's achievements have surpassed even the wildest expectations.

Beyond Rivalries: A Golden Moment for Red Bull

In a candid moment, Horner was asked if there was a part of him wishing for more competition from rivals.

His response was characteristically straightforward and jovial. “There’s not one ounce of me,” he said with a smile. “I think I’m still in recovery from [the championship battle with Mercedes in] 2021." He then underscored the role of collective effort and teamwork behind the stunning results.

This run of success was no accident, Horner emphasized, it's the result of "every member of the team, every department in the factory doing their job." "It’s a golden moment for our team," Horner concluded, offering a hearty salute to the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

"Just absolutely take your hat off to everyone who is working as hard as they are to achieve this kind of performance."

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