Verstappen's Unmatched Velocity: Hamilton Shares Emotional Words on F1's Powerhouse

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Verstappen's Unmatched Velocity: Hamilton Shares Emotional Words on F1's Powerhouse
Verstappen's Unmatched Velocity: Hamilton Shares Emotional Words on F1's Powerhouse

Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes Formula 1 driver, has recently voiced his opinion on the current state of play in the world of Formula 1 racing. Hamilton's insight reveals the seemingly insurmountable challenge of competing with the reigning titan of the tarmac, Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

Red Bull's Unmatched Velocity

Hamilton's reflections convey the unnerving certainty that, at present, Red Bull's performance is unbeatable. Not one to shy away from competitive spirit, Hamilton shares his wish to see his team at the same level, but admits that this is not feasible at present.

In a candid conversation with TV crews, including Canal+, following Sunday's race in Belgium, Hamilton said, “Do I want to be as fast as them? Of course. Would I like to have a car that’s as fast as them? Of course”.

He went on to suggest that his competition with Verstappen would take a different turn if he was driving a Red Bull car. He further conjectured, “If I was in Sergio’s [Perez's] car… Max would not be having the same time he’s having now”.

Few Contenders for Verstappen's Crown

In the current Formula 1 season, Red Bull has dominated every race, with Verstappen clinching victory ten times, and his teammate, Perez, winning twice. Verstappen leads the general standings, a whopping 125 points ahead of Perez.

Hamilton is in fourth place with a total of 148 points, while Fernando Alonso is third. When asked if anyone could challenge Verstappen in his current form, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko considered it to be a tall order, especially within the same car.

In an interview with DAZN, Marko acknowledged that only a few drivers could stand up to Verstappen. “I would perhaps say [Fernando] Alonso or Hamilton, but in the same car it would be very difficult," he stated. Furthermore, Marko praised Perez's efforts, saying, "Second place behind Max is like a victory.

He [Perez] had a good quali, a good sprint race, and had a controlled race with good speed”. He went on to commend the overall efficiency of Red Bull: "Max Verstappen wins easily no matter what. The whole team, every pitstop works, no mistakes are made, the whole team is fast and they are doing an incredible job”.

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