Sergio Perez on the loss of confidence after the Monaco GP

"I have my psychology and that is something I work on"

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez on the loss of confidence after the Monaco GP

After his qualifying crash at the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, Sergio Perez has admitted to having lost his confidence as a result of the incident. It is important to keep in mind that Perez is a driver who is always optimistic and never gives up on his dreams.

In the coming period, he believes that things will take a turn for the better. "Certainly after Monaco, I lost some confidence because the way the crash happened, I lost a bit of confidence with the car and that set me back,” Perez said.

"I have my psychology and that is something I work on. Other than that, it is how the sport is. You have good moments and bad moments but when you are at Red Bull, the pressure is always higher in that regard. If you have a bad session, you have to answer questions about your future straight away.

It is how it is but luckily enough, I am in a good place and I just have to focus on making sure I enjoy my job and enjoy the weekend”.

Sergio Perez and his experiences

It is important to note that Sergio Perez has had similar experiences in the past, so he knows what it feels like.

In the course of a career as an athlete, there are many ups and downs. Sometimes you have to accept the fact that things can't always be perfect all the time. There was an emphasis on small details in the Mexican's speech. "I've had it before.

It is just how it is. We operate on such small details that sometimes. if everything is not perfect, it can determine being on the podium or being out of the points. But it's always something people at home don't understand as much - how much detail goes into our races.

That can make the difference between having a great race or a very poor race. It can happen to any driver in F1." It is certain that Perez will have better days in the future. Source: CRASH

Sergio Perez