Frederic Vasseur reacts to Toto Wolff's comments about F1 vs F2 cars

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Frederic Vasseur reacts to Toto Wolff's comments about F1 vs F2 cars
Frederic Vasseur reacts to Toto Wolff's comments about F1 vs F2 cars

Disappointed with the performances of Mercedes, but also surprised by the performances of Red Bull, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff commented on the current events. In his interview after the Hungarian GP, Wolff emphasized that the dominance of Red Bull's Max Verstappen was "like a field of Formula 2 cars against a Formula 1 car".

Ferrari team principal, Frederic Vasseur had an interesting reaction to Toto Wolff's statements; “Give him an F2 car and he will see. Red Bull are in front but I think the feeling was probably the same when Mercedes was in front a couple of years ago.

And I won't go [into] this field, I think honestly that the most important is to be focused on yourself to try to get the best from what we have, to minimise the mistake, to do a better job and then what will come will come.

But I'm not sure that makes sense to try to do this kind of assumption”.

Frederic Vasseur reacts

Vasseur commented on the constructors' champions. The fact is that Ferrari has been failing in its intentions lately.

It can be frustrating. The Ferrari team is doing everything they can to improve. However, it is difficult to achieve a good result in this kind of competition. "Red Bull is also bringing upgrades and upgrades and upgrades. And I think that everybody is improving but the reality of the regulations and the cost gap is that we are improving much less than in the past.

It means that when there is a gap, and a real gap, it's quite difficult to catch up but one weekend to the others that over the last four or five weekends it was a one time ahead in quali, one time McLaren, one time Mercedes but we are always behind Red Bull and at least on the race they have still a huge gap.

To catch up, it's not that you are thinking about the Red Bull and to say well what we have to do, you have to work on yourself. It means that we are developing, we are developing in every single direction, we are trying to improve aero, suspension and whatever we can do.

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