Ralf Schumacher reacts to Sergio Perez's form: He is mentally unstable

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Ralf Schumacher reacts to Sergio Perez's form: He is mentally unstable
Ralf Schumacher reacts to Sergio Perez's form: He is mentally unstable

There are many people who are concerned about Sergio Perez's form at the moment. Red Bull is believed to have great problems with his inconsistency, according to F1 fans. In spite of the fact that his teammate, Max Verstappen, is at the top of the racing world and it is hard for anyone to compare to him, Perez would have to perform better.

Ralf Schumacher wrote in his column recently about what he considered to be the Mexican's recent performances in terms of meeting expectations and the fact that he was not at the same level as expected recently. Perez is believed by Schumacher to be a person who does not have mental stability.

"The mood for Sergio Perez has recently been gloomy. After numerous blunders in recent weeks, massive criticism has again poured in following his crash in the first free practice session in Hungary. The problem with Perez is consistency - he has too many fluctuations and is perhaps not mentally stable enough.

He's simply too far away from Max and for me, his days at Red Bull are numbered”.

Sergio Perez and his future

Schumacher believes that Perez should not be pressured at the moment. Nevertheless, Ralf emphasizes that Red Bull will certainly hire a driver who will not be so 'far' from Max Verstappen.

Many people wonder if these performances mean the end for Perez in Red Bull? The next season will tell us a lot. “It's unfair of us to increase the pressure on him, but especially in the future, when other teams are getting closer, Red Bull can't afford one driver being so clearly slower than the other,” he added.

“The team is logically trying to make Perez believe that his job is not in jeopardy, but I don't think he will still be driving for Red Bull next year”. Source: CRASH

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