Toto Wolff: Max Verstappen dominates like F1 cars against F2 cars

"We’re going to fight back - win races and championships"

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff: Max Verstappen dominates like F1 cars against F2 cars

Max Verstappen never ceases to amaze all F1 fans with his performances. The Dutchman really looks impressive and the question is whether he will win all the races until the end of the season. Such an option seems realistic at the moment.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff surprised many of his followers with his reaction after the race in Hungary, where Max once again confirmed his dominance by winning by over 30 seconds. The German compared Max's dominance to a race between F1 and F2 cars.

“That is what it is. It’s a meritocracy. We’re going to fight back - win races and championships. We’ve seen the pace Max had and we saw it on the long runs on Friday. That’s where they are. It’s like a field of Formula 2 cars against a Formula 1 [car].

They’ve done the best job. As long as you’re within the regulations you’ve done the best job”.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton finished fourth even though he had previously had a pole position. Wolff believes that his team was the second fastest.

However, McLaren driver Lando Norris finished second. “I think we had the second quickest car today. If you look at the lap time profile, also where George came from, but we just didn’t monetise on it. But having said that, you see where Verstappen is doing his laps, tranquil, and that needs to be the target – and that’s far off at the moment." Wolff revealed what could have been a potential problem for his team in this race.

“The start certainly played a role, but that can happen. It was maybe also we brought the tyres in very carefully, maybe too careful, and you can see the lap time difference towards the end, I think we reeled in maybe 15 seconds – something around that.

We were missing at the end 1.9s to Perez and just four seconds to Lando, or less, and I think we had that”.
Source: CRASH

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