Charles Leclerc on Ferrari's biggest problem

"We understand where we are going to struggle - and unfortunately, Silverstone was one of those"

by Sead Dedovic
Charles Leclerc on Ferrari's biggest problem

Ferrari has not been able to achieve its goals lately, and that is what worries the leaders of this team and the current drivers. Charles Leclerc is particularly worried. The Monegasque driver emphasized what is the main problem of his team this season.

Wind conditions are what bothers them, and they still can't find a solution. "Wind conditions is a big thing, and for us, it has a big influence, and is probably bigger than any other car on the grid”, Leclerc said. Although they were great last season, this season they didn't even manage to solve a large number of problems.

However, Leclerc still has optimism in him. "We just struggle with consistency in those situations - we did a big step forward at the end of the year as it was quite a bit worse”. Although things often seem ideal for them, the wind spoils their plans.

This especially frustrates Leclerc. "It is going in the right direction, then, as we've seen in the last race at Silverstone, whenever the wind really picks up (as it did on Sunday), then we've got one of our main weaknesses." Silverstone was a huge problem for them.

They knew that even before the race. "We understand where we are going to struggle - and unfortunately, Silverstone was one of those, we knew that it wasn't going to be a great weekend for us. Saturday went pretty well, considering what we expected, but then Sunday was worse than what we expected, but we know why”.

Charles Leclerc is optimistic

However, as we have already said, Leclerc and the rest of the team have no doubt that things will go in a positive direction. Ferrari is a team with enormous experience and quality. It is necessary that they put in their maximum effort this time in order to really improve their performance.

"I have no doubt that we will improve, then we need some time in order to the parts and for the engineers to find the best way to tackle the issue. We've already seen positive steps of going in that direction - we just need to keep pushing." Source: CRASH

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