Daniel Ricciardo: It felt, in a way, like I never really left


Daniel Ricciardo: It felt, in a way, like I never really left
Daniel Ricciardo: It felt, in a way, like I never really left

Daniel Ricciardo is back on the F1 tracks, as an Alpha Tauri driver. The practice session showed that Ricciardo still has quality. Ricciardo was 14th fastest in FP2. This experienced F1 driver confirmed after the race that he was 95% comfortable.

He has no doubts that he will be 100% during the race. “I felt comfortable quite quickly today, but comfortable is 95%. The last few percent, look, right now, I feel I can find that tomorrow. At least get close to it. Today, I didn’t quite put the lap together, but I started to feel the limit of the car.

Just keep it clean tomorrow, and I feel like I’ll be pretty content”. - he said. Ricciardo felt as if he had never left F1. It is obvious that he has a huge quality, which will be very important to AlphaTauri. “Look, positions, it’s probably not too relevant at the moment,” he added.

“I think it was just more for me today to feel basically where I am with the car. It all felt pretty familiar. Obviously there’s a lot of outside attention, but once I put the helmet on and got in the car, it felt, in a way, like I never really left, so that was nice.


Daniel Ricciardo insn't concerned

There aren't many things he's worried about. Right now, the most important thing is that he believes in himself. Daniel is known as a grateful driver, who always strives to be better. This season will really show his qualities.

Of course, a lot will depend on the car he has at his disposal. "And obviously this morning, we didn’t really get anything. But this afternoon, I think yeah, just a little bit on the new tire, but nothing really I’m concerned about.

The car felt OK. Yeah, to be honest, doesn’t feel too bad. A bit of work tonight, but nothing crazy. Look, a bit more out of me, and for sure there’s some things already I feel in the car that we can try and work on.

Right now, I’m quite optimistic. It looked like Yuki as well had a pretty good day. I think if we put all these things together, maybe tomorrow we can do OK”.

Source: CRASH

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