Lewis Hamilton on his new contract: I might keep you waiting!

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Lewis Hamilton on his new contract: I might keep you waiting!
Lewis Hamilton on his new contract: I might keep you waiting!

There is a lot of talk about Lewis Hamilton's new contract with the Mercedes team. However, things are taking too long, which has caused various rumors and dilemmas among F1 fans and experts. Does Hamilton really want to stay in the team or is this 'silence' a sign that the Brit will look for happiness elsewhere? Lewis Hamilton's statement to the media today caused reactions.

The Brit confirmed that things are close to an agreement, but that everything could take until the end of the year. “It’s very, very close,” -Hamilton said. “It might be announced at the end of the year.

I might keep you waiting! Honestly, I don’t have any more information for you to share. It continues to be with the lawyers, back and forth on things”. Lewis Hamilton reacted to the reporter's question; Is his part in the negotiations finished? The Briton surprised many with his answer.

“I’ve not been part of it the whole time. I’ve been removed from it from the beginning. I’ve been wanting to focus on all the other things I have going on. "

Lewis Hamilton on the negotiations

According to Hamilton, things were already decided long ago, and only the small details needed to be settled.

It is important to ask what is going on 'behind the screen' as well as whether any truth can be gleaned from his words. The confirmation should be received by the end of the year; many suspect Hamilton's statements are not confirmation of a deal.

Regardless, everything will be revealed. “The team has been working on it in the background. There’s no negotiation left. It’s just all the small bits”. The Mercedes team is in a big crisis this year.

They are trying to find solutions to the problem. They seem to be heading in the right direction.

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