Max Verstappen on Daniel Ricciardo: I never actually wanted him to leave


Max Verstappen on Daniel Ricciardo: I never actually wanted him to leave
Max Verstappen on Daniel Ricciardo: I never actually wanted him to leave

Daniel Ricciardo became the new AlphaTauri driver. However, Max Verstappen is looking forward to a reunion with him and hopes that it will happen. The Dutchman is not happy that Ricciardo had to and must 'wander' "Yeah, I mean I never actually wanted him to leave.

All of these things, we know that we get on very well. Yeah, if Daniel does well where he is now, you of course have the opportunity to go back up. So it’s all open, to be honest”. Daniel Ricciardo will take Nyck de Vries' place in the team.

Max Verstappen commented on the decision of the AlphaTauri leaders not to give more opportunities to de Vries. When you are a rookie, it is very difficult to achieve a good result. Add to that the fact that you don't have a competitive car.

“It’s a tough one but if the decision was anyway of course already made then I don’t think it matters a lot when it happens. I think it’s just circumstance. We all know that Nyck is an incredible driver.

He’s shown it in every single category. I think these new generation of cars when you are a rookie, it doesn’t matter what age you are or whatever, they are quite difficult to get on top. Plus the car is probably not the most competitive.

It will make it a bit harder. "

Max Verstappen on Nyck de Vries

Sometimes things don't go quite as well for you. AlphaTauri leaders decided to find a new driver. Max Verstappen has no doubt that de Vries will do great things outside of F1.

“Maybe you need one or two of these moments where you shine and maybe get a point or two. These kind of moments they didn’t happen. The team wanted to change something and that’s also part of F1. Sometimes it’s just the wrong time or the wrong moment and it doesn’t work out for you.

But again, people sometimes seem to think that if it doesn’t work out in F1 then everything is lost, but it’s not. There are so many great categories where you can have a great career and probably even more fun, some places, than F1 even.

I know he has a lot of opportunities”. Source: CRASH

Max Verstappen Daniel Ricciardo

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