Lewis Hamilton: "I'm focused on the direction ahead of 2024"

The British driver, in a recent interview, explained the objectives and critical issues of the moment

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Lewis Hamilton: "I'm focused on the direction ahead of 2024"

Lewis Hamilton hasn't won a Formula 1 GP with his Mercedes for 20 months, exactly since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: a period in which the 7-time British world champion is witnessing the dominance of Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton, in a recent interview, explained the objectives and critical issues of the moment. He told: "Honestly, these data don't interest me. I don't know in which position I'll finish this 2023, for me it's completely irrelevant.

I've conquered some podiums, I don't know if I'll be able to win a race but, really, I have something else in mind. For me it is much more important what information I can give to the team in order to be better positioned in the future. We must aim to be competitive from the first test in 2024.

My dream is not to have more ups and downs, but to have an efficient car with a lot of downforce so that I can keep up with the others. I cannot stress enough what a tough year we had in 2022. The team worked hard to gain ground and at the end of the year we had a really thick race in Brazil.

But, at the start of the 2023 season, unfortunately we were too far behind again. There are positive signs and we see them. We have made great progress in recent weeks, but it is not easy to predict where it will take us. All we have to do is roll up our sleeves and work, as we always have." The question all F1 fans are asking now is: will Hamilton still be a Mercedes driver next season? Will he renew his contract with the German major? Or will he become the driver of another team, like Ferrari or, perhaps, Red Bull? About the issue, Christian Horner talked about the possibility of Lewis Hamilton arriving in Red Bull and, consequently, his possible team up with Max Verstappen.

The seven-time world champion had the opportunity to go to Red Bull a few years ago, but he preferred to continue his adventure with Mercedes, while the Austrian team staked everything on the young Dutchman Verstappen.Horner said: "It's not something we've ever considered in the recent past.

Obviously, to pay those two drivers per se, we'd probably have to sell the factory! Lewis is obviously a great driver.Let's hope he's around for many years to come. There have been a couple of occasions in the past where we've had a couple of conversations about possibly joining Red Bull. But that hasn't happened recently."

Lewis Hamilton