Lewis Hamilton victim of racist comments from some rival teams

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Lewis Hamilton victim of racist comments from some rival teams
Lewis Hamilton victim of racist comments from some rival teams

During an interview with DAZN's True Driver program, the British driver of Mercedes Lewis Hamilton returned to talking about racial discrimination, even within the F1 stables. Lewis has always suffered racist attacks since he was a child because of the color of his skin.

Sebastian Vettel would have warned the British driver that there are teams still making racist comments behind his back. Hamilton explained: "We need to get people to empathize, we need empathy. Sometimes I wonder, does anyone else care? Sebastian was one of those who supported me the most.

He told me that some teams make racist comments on me. Sebastian knelt with me in 2020. I have not yet seen a driver as brave as him. Laws need to change for people to live better. We are risking our lives to try to educate others.

I don't know what my next project will be. Animal protection laws must continue to be revised, along with those on the environment. It's hard for people to see disasters happening. I want to expand it to Africa and the United States.

We want to help children have a future, where they can become engineers or whatever they want."

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