Sebastian Vettel defends Max Verstappen, who is 'under attack' from F1 fans

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Sebastian Vettel defends Max Verstappen, who is 'under attack' from F1 fans
Sebastian Vettel defends Max Verstappen, who is 'under attack' from F1 fans

From the very start of this season, it was clear that Max Verstappen would be a huge favorite, and that he would have a great chance of winning the third title in a row. The Dutchman is leading the way, and it is hard to imagine that anyone can take the title at this moment but him.

Some F1 fans are not satisfied with the dominance of one driver. They are asking the FIA to make certain changes to make F1 much more competitive and fair. The legendary F1 driver, Sebastian Vettel, had only words of praise for Max Verstappen and his dominance this season during the press conference.

The German cannot understand fans who consider Verstappen's dominance 'boring' "You have to give him credit, he is performing fantastic. He is incredibly talented and makes no mistakes As soon as you drive at the front because you are doing well, people are quick to say that it is boring and that you win 'easily.'


Red Bull and its dominance

Vettel won 4 championship titles. Although fans often label individual drivers' titles as 'simple and boring', Vettel emphasizes that becoming a champion is extremely difficult. The German especially emphasized that having dominance like Red Bull is not at all easy.

It's really impressive how easily Red Bull is achieving results this season. “But there is much more at play than just lap times. I'm sure Lewis Hamilton never had it easy during his dominant years, just as, for example, Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen and myself never had it easy.

It is an incredible achievement to conceive and build a car that can beat the competition in every race weekend. The fact that Red Bull does well every weekend is due to perfection, consistency and the qualities of the team." Max Verstappen could be someone who will break all the records in the future.

It is incredible with how much passion and love this Dutchman performs. We don't have to say anything about his quality. Source: CRASH

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