Fernando Alonso on the new Aston Martin factory and expectations

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Fernando Alonso on the new Aston Martin factory and expectations
Fernando Alonso on the new Aston Martin factory and expectations

Fernando Alonso is doing great things this year at Aston Martin. Although many were pessimistic about the chances of this veteran, Alonso silenced the critics with his results and showed that he is one of the best drivers. What many people know is that Aston Martin opened a new factory.

Alonso is happy about the ambitions of this team and the fact that they are doing everything to make progress. The Spaniard put the greatest emphasis on improving the car, and their job will certainly be made easier with the new factory.

“It was fascinating to see the facilities, the people there in the same room, manufacturing our own parts of the car,” said Alonso. “Until now, third parties were making our car, our chassis and everything.

It’s a step forward."

Things cannot be finished immediately. It will take some time for them to reach their potential. "But I think we will need a couple of years to settle everything down and to maximise the potential Obviously, it shows the ambition of Aston Martin, and we have to be proud”.

Mike Krack and his reaction

Many believe that going from one factory to another will be a distraction. Team principal Mike Krack spoke to Speedcaffe about how much time it will take to change the location. Krck does not want this to be an excuse for their potentially poor results in the future.

Aston Martin wants to continue to progress. They know that this season will be one of their best, and they don't want to be distracted by anything. “I would be lying if I gave a number, how many weeks or how many months.

The time we have is zero, basically. We have to get into it immediately. The move should never serve as an excuse. We knew we had to move once we took this decision, and we have to be the best with it, without looking for excuses”.

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