Sebastian Vettel reacts to Nyck de Vries being sacked


Sebastian Vettel reacts to Nyck de Vries being sacked

Many were surprised after Nyck de Vries was sacked from the Alpha Tauri team. There were many reactions from former and current F1 drivers. Among the interesting reactions is that of Sebastian Vettel, who we don't need to talk much about.

Vettel also expressed surprise when de Vries was sacked in an interview with the media. This season, Nyck has failed to demonstrate his qualities. Vettel believes that Nyck has the potential. “I have to be honest, It’s obviously a shame for Nick,” Vettel said.

“The way it came to an end. I think he got given a great chance, maybe things didn’t happen for him the way he expected or people expected but it’s also a bit harsh when it comes to a very sudden stop. It’s brutal.

Because especially I think Nyck… I mean I met him last year for the first time and he seemed like a really good person and he is a good driver. He won the F2 championship, he won international championships so he’s well recognised and I hope that this doesn’t put a dent in his confidence.

So that’s why people shouldn’t look at [his AlphaTauri career only] because people tend to do that and that’s not right."

Nyck de Vries and his qualities

Things didn't go very well for de Vries. He never managed to catch the right rhythm and show his qualities in the right way.

The question is what kind of future awaits the Dutchman. One thing is certain; He has qualities, but the question is where he will show them this time.
“Maybe those five, 10 races whatever didn’t go according to how good they could have been.

We don’t know why, first of all from the outside and second he is still a very good driver. So I have to also sympathise with the fact that you know, it’s very harsh for him and I hope that people don’t [just] see that”.


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