Valtteri Bottas disagrees with Lewis Hamilton regarding the FIA rule change

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Valtteri Bottas disagrees with Lewis Hamilton regarding the FIA rule change
Valtteri Bottas disagrees with Lewis Hamilton regarding the FIA rule change

Red Bull is unstoppable this season. However, this Austrian team is already thinking about next season. This speaks volumes about their ambition and willingness to be the best. The driver from their rival team, Lewis Hamilton, believes that Red Bull's dominance must end.

The Briton wants the FIA to set a date when you can work on the car for next year. The question is whether the FIA will really consider what Lewis said. However, Hamilton's former teammate Valtteri Bottas does not share Lewis' opinion.

Bottas believes that everything is clearly defined, and that every team has room for improvement. “I think they deserve it,” Bottas said. “They’ve done a great job with the car. They seem to have a really strong team overall.

I don’t see a point of trying to limit someone’s performance. I think already, with the regulations nowadays, if you win the Constructors Championship’, you are already then penalised in terms of wind tunnel time."


Mercedes was exactly the team that dominated years ago, but it looks like now Red Bull could achieve dominance that will last.

Bottas emphasized that it is quite natural for a certain team to dominate. We will see whether certain things will change in the coming year or whether everything will remain the same. “So I think, in the longer term, that will stabilise things.

It’s the nature of the sport. There are always periods when somebody’s dominating, and so on, so I wouldn’t change anything – it’s the name of the game. The people who build the best car deserve it”.

This season too, nothing needs to be said in advance. It is likely that Red Bull will take the title this season, and it is almost unimaginable to believe that someone can dethrone them by the end of the season. The next season could bring something completely different, but let's wait.

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