Lewis Hamilton and Shakira clubbing after the Silverstone GP!

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Lewis Hamilton and Shakira clubbing after the Silverstone GP!
Lewis Hamilton and Shakira clubbing after the Silverstone GP!

After the Silverstone GP in the UK, Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton spent the evening in London in one of the city's most exclusive nightclubs: Tape London. According to The Sun, Lewis Hamilton would be in the private nightclub all night with pop star Shakira.

For months, rumors of an alleged love story have been chasing each other, also testified by the presence of the pop star in various GPs of the season to see the performance of the 7-times world champion. Shakira returned to the Formula 1 paddock at Silverstone to follow Hamilton's race.

Also in this case the two spent hours together after the race. According to what was revealed by a person present in their own club at The Sun, the two would have met late in the evening at the Tape nightclub in London. The singer was almost all the time in the private room rented by Lewis Hamilton and his entourage talking with the F1 driver and occasionally getting up to dance near his table.

According to the reconstruction of the facts of The Sun, Shakira would have left the disco accompanied by a driver, while Hamilton would have remained in the nightclub until six in the morning.

Hamilton and Shakira.. and not only!

For the british driver of Mercedes, not only the alleged love story with the Colombian popstar. Hamilton's alleged relationship with Shakira has just started. The Colombian pop star returned alongside the British driver for the Spanish Grand Prix, and was seen cheering as Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line in second place.

The two then went to dinner together, accompanied by PSG players Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.However, according to YahooSports, Lewis Hamilton is also dating a Brazilian model, Juliana Nalú, while he is dating Shakira.

Shakira's manager wasn't too happy with the singer's relationship with the Formula 1 driver because Lewis is known for being a womanizer.It is not the first time that the Brazilian model Juliana Nalù has been spotted with Lewis Hamilton.

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