Lewis Hamilton on the millionaire contract renewal with Mercedes: "There is trust"


Lewis Hamilton on the millionaire contract renewal with Mercedes: "There is trust"
Lewis Hamilton on the millionaire contract renewal with Mercedes: "There is trust"

In the press conference on the eve of the Silverstone GP, in the United Kingdom, all attention was focused on the British star of Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, struggling with the millionaire and thorny contract renewal with his team.

Here's what Lewis said: "Happy to be back here, it's the best GP. Here in my first appearance I had an accident, but I've always dreamed of being able to ride here on the track. And then the first pole, the first win, the crowd.

The crowd gives it an extra push, it almost seems like they are sailing with their energy. Bans, caps, chants… crazy force coming out of every corner. Here we have a new front wing, not a huge package but we hope to go in the direction right with these small steps.

Whether performance can affect the renewal? Before the end of the season the negotiation will be concluded for my renewal. I still have complete faith in the team. We need to work to get where we want as a team, but the updates are there and I will give everything."

The words of the other pilots

Charles Leclerc on Ferrari told: "The game of chess? My brother won...

usually I win! Since Barcelona, the feeling is going in the right direction. There are steps forward, but we must not let ourselves be influenced by enthusiasm. Red Bull is stronger and this lead could expose our weaknesses." Perez on Red Bull said: "I wasn't feeling great in Austria, now I'm ready.

I hope to have a calmer race than last year and to return to the level of form I had at the start of the season, to then remain constant until the end. Which stretch of the track Can you exalt the RB19? The high speed is one of the strengths of the car and so I imagine it can shine here too." Norris on McLaren explained: "Will there be the best Englishman this weekend? It depends on whether Hamilton will be able to stay on track for the track limits...

Seriously, it's not easy to say, but if I have to be confident I have to say it will be me. We are waiting for free practice at least. Do I expect rain? I like wet conditions, but so far it hasn't always gone well for our performance. Let's wait and see."

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