Charles Leclerc explains why Ferrari changed everything

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Charles Leclerc explains why Ferrari changed everything
Charles Leclerc explains why Ferrari changed everything

Chares Leclerc had many problems with the electrics. In an interview with the media, he confirmed that things should be fine considering that he changed everything that was necessary to change. Ferrari is working hard this season to correct the mistakes that have been made.

“There was a small problem on the car but it’s like this. I think the team has identified what went wrong,” Leclerc said. “We’ve changed basically everything that was on the car and it should be fine for tomorrow.

An electrical issue, so it shouldn't have any influence on our weekend, apart from the lack of kilometres and laps in FP2”.

Charles Leclerc

The possibility of rain on Saturday precluded Leclerc from running dry ahead of Sunday's race.

However, Leclerc has always been someone who possesses enormous optimism and faith that things will get better. Furthermore, it is also very important to note that he has a team behind him who want to support him at every stage of his journey.

Ferrari knows they have a quality driver who is capable of doing a lot. It is necessary to provide him with the conditions that will enable him to achieve a good result.
“That’s a bit unfortunate because that’s where we normally prepare the race and Sunday seems to be dry, so we’ll go a little bit into the unknown there,” he said.

"But tomorrow should be very different with rain around, so let's see. In FP1, of course we learnt a few things, then we did all the changes to learn more in FP2 that we couldn't test, so that's a bit of a shame. I think we'll come back with the car I had in FP1 as the feeling was pretty good, then learning when you don't drive is pretty difficult."

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