David Croft on the 'interesting' reason why Hamilton hasn't signed a contract yet

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David Croft on the 'interesting' reason why Hamilton hasn't signed a contract yet
David Croft on the 'interesting' reason why Hamilton hasn't signed a contract yet

There is a lot of talk these days about Lewis Hamilton and his new contract. There are still no indications that the Briton could sign a new contract soon, and the fear of fans that he will leave Mercedes still exists. David Croft, Sky Sports commentator, is not one of those who think that money plays a major role or the future of the Mercedes car.

Croft believes that Mercedes and Hamilton want a long-term contract and that this could be the main obstacle. “[Toto Wolff] says the contract discussions are not about money, that’s not the sticking point,” Crofty said.

“So maybe Lewis is after a longer deal. If you look at Fernando Alonso now, just because you’re over 40 it doesn’t mean you can’t compete in Formula 1. Personally, as someone who loves racing, and who has watched every Lewis win and every Lewis pole, I’d love o see him stay for a lot longer.

The sport needs him and he needs the sport. He’s excellent. Keep him around!”

Engine regulations

Engine regulations that should appear in 2026 caused strong reactions from the Red Bull team principal Christian Horner and Max Verstappen.

David Croft commented on Toto Wolff's reaction.
“Christian Horner and Max Verstappen saying they don’t particularly like what they’re being asked to do, in terms of engines for 2026,” Crofty said. Immediately those comments are jumped on by their competitors saying: ‘You are only saying that because your engine is rubbish!’.

We don’t know if that’s true or not. Time after time in this sport, people want things changed because they think they won’t be as competitive as they are now, or as they might be against their peers in years to come.

We’ll see what transpires”. Source: CRASH

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