Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton is the most important personality in our sport

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Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton is the most important personality in our sport
Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton is the most important personality in our sport

Toto Wolff has always been someone who had nothing but words of praise for Lewis Hamilton and what the Brit is doing on the F1 scene. Although the latest events caused many reactions and created dilemmas as to whether there really is harmony within the Mercedes team, Wolff calmed down the passions during the interview with Sky Sports.

Wolff believes that Hamilton is the most important personality in the F1 world. In addition to the fact that Lewis is a great driver, he uses every moment to promote equality for everyone. It was his activity outside the F1 world that made him even more popular.

“Lewis Hamilton is clearly the most important personality in our sport, he is so multi-dimensional,” he said. “It is not only the racing driver and World Champion but he is also trailblazing for diversity and sustainability.

There are no limits for Lewis Hamilton as an entrepreneur as a politician. I think he is one of the most spectacular personalities and characters I've ever met. Although the German team this season fails to impose its form and be the team of a few years ago, Wolff has no doubt that they could secure Hamilton's 8th title.

“We owe him an eighth championship”.

Stefano Dominecali on Lewis Hamilton

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali agreed with what Wolff had to say. However, he emphasized that it is necessary for Hamilton to provide a car with which he can be as competitive as before.

Looking at the events of this season, Hamilton can hardly be at the top. “I would say more short-term we would love to see Lewis still fighting on the track, but I agree with Toto that he's an incredible personality.

He has shown that he has raised the bar of interest in a lot of topics, but for the short-term I would say to Toto, make sure that he's running with a good F1 car”.


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