Kimi Raikkonen pleased with the results of his team

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Kimi Raikkonen pleased with the results of his team

For the first time this season, both Alfa drivers finished the race in a point-winning circle. Kimi Raikkonen passed the finish line in Imola in ninth and Antonio Giovinazzi in tenth place. That result came just days after confirmation that they would both stay on the team for another season.

The race was quite meaningful and there were more dropouts than usual - as many as five cars did not reach the finish line, but the Finn and the Italian did a very good job, especially considering that they started from 18th and 20th place.

Raikkonen had an extremely long first stint on medium tires and scored points for the second time this season. “It was a good result for a team with two cars in points, so we can be happy about this race. We knew we could keep the tires well and so from the start the plan was to stay on the track as long as possible.

We went to the pits when we went, and then a safety car came out soon after, which was a bit frustrating, but I don't know if that would make any difference. ” “In the end, we had good speed in the race and we were in the right place to take advantage of the opportunities that arose.

We have been closing the gap with others lately, but we can still improve a lot and continue to work hard on it, ”said Raikkonen, who was chosen by viewers as the driver of the day.

Vasseur on their race

The head of the team, Frederic Vasseur, was also delighted with his performance in Imola.

How could he not be when he had both cars in points for the first time this season. "The team as a whole performed well. The strategic decisions were good, the stops in boxing went well, and the drivers did their part of the job without any mistakes.

Winning the first double place among the points winners is a good reward for our efforts. ” “We still have a lot of work to do, of course, but we are making progress and we were ready to turn to our advantage the situations that were happening in the race,” Vasseur said after Alfie’s best weekend of the season.

With these three points, Alpha separated itself a bit from Haas. The ratio of those teams that score points on the dropper is 8-3 in favor of the Italians, but Alpha's goal is to catch those in front, and AlphaTauri is in seventh place with a big 89 points.