Lewis Hamilton would ask for £537 million to renew his contract with Mercedes

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Lewis Hamilton would ask for £537 million to renew his contract with Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton would ask for £537 million to renew his contract with Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton is having an excellent F1 season, in this first half of the season, despite the difference in the car between his Mercedes and Max Verstappen's Red Bull. The British F1 star is battling for second place in the world standings after Max Verstappen.

But there is still the issue relating to the renewal of his contract with Mercedes, which has not yet been signed, leaving doubts about his future. Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, said: "We have nothing to say in particular, there's no big news.

It's a shame to discuss money with Hamilton." According to the Daily Mail, money would be the main problem. Lewis Hamilton, according to rumors, would in fact want a bonus of 15 million pounds, in the event that he were to return to conquer the Formula 1 world championship.

Furthermore, the British driver is asking for a role of brand ambassador in Mercedes for ten years at the end of his racing career for an impressive £20 million, in addition to an annual salary of £50 million.

Hamilton would cost Mercedese a good £537 million including the role of brand ambassador and a possible title won. An unnamed Daily Mail source explained: "Lewis wants five years, and if it was just a one-year extension I don't think he would accept it.

They may need to compromise because, while George Russell has probably made peace with the idea that Lewis is around for a couple of years, he might not accept being in his team-mate's shadow for so long.There's always an attraction to Ferrari, but Lewis will probably feel that his only hope of to win his eighth title is to stay where he is." Since his debut in the top category, Hamilton has won at least one race and one pole position during the world championship up to the 2022 season, which makes him the only driver in the history of the top formula to have achieved it from the first season for fifteen consecutive years .

With seven world titles he is the most successful Briton of all time, as well as the only Anglo-Saxon to have managed to triumph for four consecutive editions, in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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