Christian Horner on the beginnings at Red Bull and the main problems

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Christian Horner on the beginnings at Red Bull and the main problems
Christian Horner on the beginnings at Red Bull and the main problems

In an interview with the media, Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal, reflected on his beginnings at Red Bull and how everything looked back then. In 2004, Red Bull made its debut on the F1 scene with the purchase of Jaguar, which marked the beginning of their F1 adventure.

Horner faced a big challenge and knew he had a difficult task ahead of him. At the beginning of the project, Horner was not happy with many things. He wanted the staff to show more 'unity' than 'individuality' As a matter of fact, many people at the time took him lightly, particularly considering that he was just 31 years old, but Christian has shown over time that he is really good at what he does.

"What I could see when I came here was lots of department working individually, not collectively," he said. "There'd been a revolving door of management through the Jaguar years and people became battle-hardened to that, and they probably thought, 'Oh, here's another one, a 31-year-old kid turning up, he probably won't last long'"

Christian Horner and his goals

A key goal of Christian Horner's was to destroy the established principles regarding the budget and the success of the team.

Basically, he wanted to deny everything and also show that Red Bull is capable of achieving even greater heights. Ultimately, he was able to accomplish his goal. Over the years, Red Bull has developed more and more and proved that it is an established team that can achieve great things and is capable of reaching the highest levels of success.

"It was then a question of winning hearts and minds and changing, breaking down that culture. The team had a perception of, 'We've got the seventh biggest budget, we'll finish seventh because it's a sport that's dictated by funding'

Well, I just wouldn't accept that. It's a question of how you apply yourself and how you apply yourself to the task." Source: MIRROR

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