Damon Hill on the reasons for Lewis Hamilton's new contract hold up

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Damon Hill on the reasons for Lewis Hamilton's new contract hold up
Damon Hill on the reasons for Lewis Hamilton's new contract hold up

In an interview with the media, Damon Hill talked about the reasons why Lewis Hamilton's new contract has been waiting so long. Judging by the words of this once great driver, it seems that Hamilton's new contract will be much longer-term than expected.

“The talk is that Lewis is finalising a much longer-term deal that goes beyond his racing career,” Hill told Press Association, as quoted by planetf1.com “The car company itself is involved, so there is a bit more bureaucracy in this deal”.

Damon Hill is delighted with Lewis Hamilton and his persistence. Although he experienced a real shock in Abu Dhabi, the Briton did not give up his goals for a single moment. He still wants that 8 title. There is no doubt that Mercedes might not be strong enough at the moment, however, Hill is confident that the future holds great things for Hamilton.

“It is admirable the way Lewis kept his chin up after what happened in Abu Dhabi,” Hill added. “He got back on with the task in hand and he is driving better again this year than he has done before. He is starting to gel with that car now and he has solved some of the problems he faced."


Mercedes will have to give their best in order to provide Hamilton with a car that is ready to compete with Red Bull and other teams.

We will see if they will succeed in that. “So I would be amazed if he doesn’t want to go out on a high by winning that eighth title, and he is absolutely motivated by that. He has got that longevity and he looks after himself.

He needs a competitive car, half-a-chance, and someone like Lewis will rise up to that challenge and find more in himself. At the moment we are seeing a happier Hamilton, and a happy Hamilton is a fast Hamilton”.

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