Gerhard Berger confirms that he negotiated with Ferrari

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Gerhard Berger confirms that he negotiated with Ferrari
Gerhard Berger confirms that he negotiated with Ferrari

Gerhard Berger is a man who left a significant mark on the F1 scene. Recently, there has been more and more talk about his return to the Ferrari team. Precisely for this reason, the Austrian media decided to talk to Berger and ask him if there were any negotiations between him and Ferrari.

"There were talks, actually,” Berger said, as quoted by Berger has confirmed that there was no mistake in the rumors. It is true that his ambitions have changed from what they were in the past. Clearly, Berger doesn't want to be in the middle of chaos anymore, and he is looking forward to having peace and a happy family life.

“But I’ll say it quite clearly – no, I don’t want to do that anymore. I like to be there as an observer and add my two cents here and there. But I don’t want that pressure and stress anymore for the rest of my life.

I’m busy with my companies and with my children in sports – my daughter rides well and my son drives a kart and I want to show him how it’s done”.

Heidi Berger

It is interesting that his daughter, 26-year-old Heidi Berger, is in a relationship with Red Bull reserve driver Daniel Ricciardo.

Gerhard has a great opinion of Ricciardo. “Heidi lives in New York,” Gerhard said. “She studies and works in film. Most recently, she was in Tokyo for three months on a Disney shoot. I call her regularly and know that she has been travelling with Daniel for two or three years.

He’s a likeable, nice guy,” Berger added. If he gets another chance at Red Bull now, I’d be happy. On the other hand, I would be surprised because it doesn’t fit the Red Bull philosophy, which is based on young drivers”.


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