Damon Hill: Lewis Hamilton's get Mercedes to admit they've made a mistake

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Damon Hill: Lewis Hamilton's get Mercedes to admit they've made a mistake
Damon Hill: Lewis Hamilton's get Mercedes to admit they've made a mistake

It was a disastrous start to Mercedes' F1 season. The team's results this season did not correspond to the ambition that it has from season to season. Despite many of the experts predicting that Lewis Hamilton, together with Max Verstappen, would lead the way again this year, it has turned out that this will not be the case.

However, Mercedes' upgrade in Monaco, which subsequently brought them three podiums, caused optimism in the German team. Considering that he is now posing a greater threat to his rivals, Lewis Hamilton appears to be much happier than he used to be.

Damon Hill, the former F1 champion, commented on the performances of Mercedes this season, especially referring to Lewis Hamilton. Hill believes Mercedes is ready to do whatever it takes to help Hamilton achieve his goal. “He knows that the team has got his back, they know what they’ve got with him and they will give him everything he possibly can,” Hill said, as quoted by crash.net

Damon Hill on Lewis Hamilton

Damon Hill thinks that Hamilton made a great move when he warned the Mercedes leaders that they were going in the wrong direction.

It appears that Mercedes are now heading in the right direction and that next season they will be able to compete for the title with the other teams. “He’s scored a point a bit this year because he’s got them to admit they’ve made a mistake.

They’ve changed direction and they’re now heading in what seems to be the right direction and he’s driving better now as well. It could be that he could have a car that he can contend for the championship with next year”.

The next season is hard to predict, and it may be too early to speculate on what it will bring. However, it is certain that Mercedes will enter the next season with a completely different mindset.

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